Rehabilitation of the Bataan's Nuclear Power plant

Rehabilitation of the Bataan's Nuclear Power plant

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Joshua Esleta started this petition to Department of Budget and Management and

Issues about the rising electricity charges - One of its main reasons is many people are having more gadgets at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nuclear power plant can help solve those problems because  electricity will be cheaper than how it is right now.

Why do we need to Reconstruct the Bataan's Nuclear Power Plant
We need to reconstruct Bataan's Nuclear Power Plant because it will be a waste of money if it was just left dead there and underutilized. We can also gain benefits from it Like; Making the environment on the Philippines better and reduce the carbon emitting power plants, and making electricity cheaper than before.

Benefits of Reconstructing the Bataan's Nuclear Power Plant

  • Operating BNPP will save foreign exchange, recognized as our scarcest resource.

    Uranium’s energy density is extremely high. A small amount contains a large amount of energy. Compared to coal, about 120,000 times more per kilogram energy is produced.

  • BNPP will result in cheap electricity. This will make us more attractive to foreign investors. We will be less bypassed as an investment/manufacturing destination. Our costly electricity cost us dearly in terms of economic opportunity. Is it plausible that our economy would grow an additional one percent if electricity costs half its price? I think that is an easy proposition to accept. In our economy of P15 trillion, 1 percent represents P150 billion of foregone economic opportunity because of expensive and unreliable supply of electricity. Imagine what we lost the last 30 years that the BNPP was not used. It is easy to see why we missed the boat economically.
  • It is strategically more secure because the physical volume of fuel needed every 18 months is so small.

    Imagine a conflict in the West Philippine Sea. To keep our coal plant running, an uninterrupted string of about three (3) ships per month need to deliver coal. Any interruption or delay will result in brownouts.

  • Nuclear energy is good for the environment. It emits nothing. It means less CO2 and pollution everywhere.

    This is the other magic of nuclear. We are not “burning” anything in the chemical sense. There is no fire, no smoke, no ash as we know it. There is only heat produced by the invisible fission reaction.

It will be better for the Philippines to rebuild the Bataan power plant, because it can make life better in the Philippines because the environment will be cleaner than before. because it reduce the amount of carbon emitting power plants like the Coal powered power plants. It can also reduce the cost of building a new Nuclear power plant because the Structure of the power plant has already been made. It also has a very fuel costs which make the power plant much longer and can even be sustained by the government for many more years to come. Philippines can also improve their Technology research among other countries because some of them still don't have a nuclear power plant to research.

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