Recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day NYC

Recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day NYC

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Chenae Bullock started this petition to NYC Mayor Eric L. Adams and


This would mark the 8th year that Indigenous communities of the Greater New York City area join together on Randall’s Island, New York to celebrate indigenous peoples day. Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day request that New York City officially declare the second Monday of October to be Indigenous Peoples Day in order to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of the first peoples of this land.

There will be 24 hrs of Indigenous culture, music, song, dance, food, ceremony and prayer with on Randall’s Island, New York. It will begin Oct 9th and on Oct 10th there will be a sunrise ceremony. To learn more visit 

The second Monday of October is celebrated as Columbus Day by many people, but this holiday is rooted in inaccuracy and celebrates a tragic history of genocide and violence against the Indigenous Peoples of this country and all of the Americas. 
Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, New Mexico, Maine, and South Dakota and have officially designated the second Monday of October, the federal Columbus Day holiday, as Indigenous Peoples Day, joining an increasing number of localities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Seattle, that made the change.

New York’s Woodstock, Akron, Newstead, Ithaca, Rhinebeck, Rochester, and Triangle, also recognize Indigenous People's Day. New York City is the largest and most influential city in this country, and it should lead on this important issue.

Prominent historians have heavily documented Christopher Columbus’s vast legacy of violence, slavery, and oppression of Indigenous Peoples, and it is a critical time in our nation’s history where we must acknowledge and celebrate facts. Celebrating it continues the cross-generational historic trauma being perpetrated against the indigenous community causing continual genocide.

Recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day as a holiday serves as an opportunity for New Yorkers to learn even more about the cultural history associated with the Indigenous Peoples of this region and the land on which we live. It allows us to celebrate diversity while recognizing our similarities in a time that we see increasing human rights violations against our communities and assaults against the very environments our peoples need to survive.

New York City’s celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day would contribute greatly to the healing of America’s indigenous community, and it would honor this community’s resilience, strength, and ongoing contributions to American culture and history. Indigenous peoples and their voices are more important now than ever, with this community leading the way on the current, urgent issues like the growing call for greater environmental awareness and protections.  

This petition was written by Chenae Bullock a member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation and descendant of the Montauk tribe of Long Island New, York. 

This petition is fully supported by various local Indigenous tribes of New York.

This petition is also fully supported by Indigenous organizations of the area who have been working diligently and standing together in solidarity for many years to request New York City #RecognizeIndigenousPeoplesDay

The Indigenous Peoples Day Committee of NYC includes the following: Redhawk
Native American Arts Council; United Confederation of Taíno People; Safe
Harbors Indigenous Collective; Redrum First Nations MC; Redspirit RC;
Schaghticoke First Nations; Fundacion Semilla Warunkwa; NA OIWI NYC; Ochanisa; Urban Indigenous Collective. 

Please help take virtual action to let the New York City Mayor's Office, New York City Council, and the State of New York know that you support this issue! Write your own message about why you believe this is an important issue! Please use the hashtag #recognizeindigenouspeoplesdaynyc



0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!