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Reclassify Military Working Dogs from Equipment to Canine Members of the Armed Forces

Military Working Dogs, have sacrificed life, limb, and their well-being for this great country! They deserve to be classified as more than disposable equipment.

This issue is important because Military Working Dogs experience many of the same health issues that human Military Veterans do along with going through extensive training, but they don't get recognized as anything more than equipment. They go through the same trials and extreme conditions as our human service men and women.


People don't realize how much Military Working Dogs do for our U.S. Military; they have been involved in every war since they were introduced in World War I,  Cairo, a military dog, was involved in Operation Neptune which brought down Osama Bin Laden.  Military working dogs have been used for many different things throughout history from tunnel divers to explosive detection. 


With all that they do for our service men and women and our country they should be recognized as more than equipment. It was proposed, to Congress, in the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act to have them reclassified, from equipment to Canine Members of the Armed Forces, the bill also pushed for medical benefits and many other rights to our Canine Members of the Armed Forces, which is the biggest stride since Robby’s Bill was passed in Nov. 2000 no longer allowing the euthanization at the end of their working life.  The Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act failed until the reclassification was removed and it was added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This is an injustice to veterans who can't speak for themselves, they live and breathe, they aren't something as disposable as equipment!


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