RECLAIMING OUR PARKS and PUBLIC SPACES for children’s dream and country’s health & future

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With this petition I wish to collect public support so that government can bring some effective law preventing civic authorities to make park or open public areas available for public recreational and sports purpose and also that court can act upon and order demolition of all the concrete structures/infrastructure which has been built/rented on captured park land by civic authorities.


Regular exercise and sport is important for physical and mental growth of children as well as adults. Yet, we don’t spent time on outdoor exercise and sports or can’t send our kids to play because either grounds are full of dust, garbage dumps or even if lots of parks are available, it is not available for children to play. There are plenty of reasons to keep us and our children indoors, few are like pollution, hostile outside environment, unavailable, unsafe, unusable or poor upkeep of parks. Most of the park space have been captured by public authority in the name of building public toilet, milk shops, room for caretaker, religious place, building statues or for building civic office infrastructure; and rest of the park spaces have been captured by plants, some flowers and 4 feet wide concrete pathways where hardly you can walk.  In Bangalore on an average 25-30% of park space has been captured by civic authorities where they have built concrete structures. Parks are being converted into ornamental ones; trees, shrubs and herbs have been planted on all the non-concrete spaces, so there is no space available for children and adults to play. In some parks where you will find some grass, you will find people or caretakers telling children not to trample the grass. In some of the parks you can find kids play area (covering 3-5 % space of the park) with broken equipment and unsafe overall design. Due to all the above reasons, in many urban areas where even if plenty of parks are available yet either children and adults can't use parks for spending time with family or for sports and if they are very eager to play then could be seen playing badminton or cricket on the roads and adults (few in numbers) forced to use indoor gyms.


As far as usability of the park is concerned, there are many other types of issues in many big cities like Delhi with thousands or parks, BUT people don’t visit parks as it’s not safe due to poor lighting, confusing layout, physical and aural isolation, poor visibility, no access to help, areas of concealment, poor maintenance, vandalism and presence of “undesirables” as the physical characteristics that can have a direct impact on people’s perceptions of safety and their willingness to use a park. Many of the parks in the middle of the bustling traffic could be considered as a den of prostitution, drug dealing and thievery.