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Reclaiming Our Blue Skies Over Glastonbury Tor

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Until recently, there's been blanket denial from the authorities that the spraying of chemtrails is even taking place. The most we usually hear is that permission for geo-engineering solutions are being sought as a remedy for the overheating of the planet caused by global warming. “Permission being sought” indicates that this chemical spraying of our skies is not yet happening, but for many of us, we only have to look up to see that it is.

If you lived in Glastonbury in Somerset, you could watch planes spraying the skies on most days, with a mixture of aluminium, barium and strontium.

Ingestion of aluminium is a cause of Alzheimer’s disease, for which we’ve seen such escalating figures lately. This is because aluminium oxide is accumulative in the body. It forms a plaque that cannot be shifted and which coats the arteries. Alzheimer’s disease occurs when veins and arteries become so clogged with plaque that the oxygen-bearing blood cannot get through to the cells, and so the brain cells begin to die off.

The Heath-Robinson idea that we can stop the natural cycles of planetary warming and cooling by spraying the skies with metal and chemical particulates will one day seem ludicrous to our grandchildren — that is, if they are still alive to tell the tale after being brought up on food and water that’s heavily polluted with these noxious substances, and that’s before you even get to chemical pesticides and fertilisers, and fluoride in the water supply.

In recent weeks, the mainstream news media has been quietly releasing an increasing number of stories that openly admit to the existence of geo-engineering and chemtrail programmes. A recent article in Scientific American tacitly admits it in its story about a new design of toxin-pumping device which is a more efficient disperser of chemtrail particulates than the existing method that uses high-altitude aircraft.

What annoys most of us is that we are are not even being consulted on whether our skies should be treated like a chemical dump. Nothing has been passed in parliaments or congresses. However, Michael J Murphy, the co-producer of the hugely influential documentary What in the World Are They Spraying? and a group of concerned citizens in Maui, Hawaii, have finally got the subject under discussion by the legislative powers in Hawaii. They have created a county ordinance by which they hope to put an end to this environmental terrorism in their skies, there.

So inspired by the Hawaiians, we are in the process of forming a group in Glastonbury to see if we can go through the correct legislative channels to get the chemtrail spraying stopped here.

It's time to stop this environmental desecration.

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