Recind Mrs​.​McDairmant’s Resignation

Recind Mrs​.​McDairmant’s Resignation

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Why this petition matters

Dear Board of Santa Rosa Academy,

We would like to put this to the Board for their consideration.
We understand that the Board is in the middle of a tough time, in a tough position and climate, and needing to make a number of adjustments, in regards to Standard Operating Procedure’s of the students, all the way up to how the teachers are performing and executing their tasks.
It's all very apparent, because there have been a number of changes across the board and spectrum- some of which have seemed good, and some of which have been met with a great deal of contention from the Community.

It's important for you, as you are navigating- ie: Federal Mandates, State Regulations and trying to communicate differences of opinions within our Community, from shifting from Zoom, to having to wear masks and stay 6ft away from anyone, wear masks to play and have lunch in a pressured scary environment. There needed to be a person who was warm, welcoming, friendly and understanding and encouraging the students to feel safe and taken care of when they left their families for the first time in 18mths!
Please remember, we are a CHARTER School, so your Head and Heart must be what’s best for our Community. So as we are all scrambling to figure this out, your ‘Compass North’ and Priority should absolutely be towards our School members.

In reality, a lot of these changes we’ve seen in this school in recent, have NOT performed well.
How can this ridiculous TURNOVER of stats of Teachers be ignored?? Parents who’ve whipped their Students out of this changed environment, that was once having years upon years of Waiting Lists for this desired school, to hundreds of people- Dedicated Teachers and long time students, who couldn’t wait to leave!!!
I mean, surely you can feel this pushback from the members of our Community, against what is going on in the Board, and make an adjustment to the resistance from the Families, surely?!
What you’re doing isn’t working, it would perhaps behove of you to prioritize what the once dedicated and happy Teachers, Parents and Students are longing to bring back to the school- which is Commitment, Security, Kindness and a WANT to be in a POSITIVE, ENLIGHTENED environment.

We’re all supposed to be communicating and working together, protecting student and public interests, and maintaining HIGH standards of teaching.
We should not conform to the Non-Personal approach to learning, none of us came to SRA for that. This should be Student Focused Instructional Planning. This has not been upheld to.

We understand that these circumstances are not easy or convenient on the organization, in terms of the required coordination, but would heavily request that the Board RECONSIDER re-employing Mrs. McDairmant as our Elementary Principal, we need the Positive Energy and Love she brings the Children. PLEASE.

103 have signed. Let’s get to 200!