RECES deserve better pay

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Early childhood education is extremely important in a child's life. As soon as a parent needs to return to work, your child is put in a setting of many many kids, with two or three staff. As an RECE, we have to provide love, comfort , make lesson plans, clean up accidents, kiss booboos better, change diapers, potty train, and even fill out papers or tablet programs to inform parents of the child's day. 

Early childhood education is important because it's where a child first learns the social and emotional skills, how to interact with their peers and teachers and all the life skills that will continue with them throughout their lives. 

As an RECE, we have to continuously keep learning to help out the children we care for. We have to keep all our certificates up to date, which isn't  have cheap.We have to stay registered with the college of ECE or else we can't even call ourselves ECE. We barely get any time for programming for the children so we bring it home, or we're making gifts at home for Christmas, mother's Day and father's day based off our own expenses . 

Child care is one of the largest expenses in parents lives, sometimes more than their mortgage payments. But then, why do day care employees get paid so little? Yes the government has implemented a $2 wage enhancement, but we are still considered low income of pretty much minimum wage with no benefits or vacation pay or sick days. 

We go into this career path for the love of children, but it is one of the most important roles in a child's life. So why do daycare providers need to struggle to help children everyday? 


Let's figure out a date to strike for our rights.