Reverse the Decision to Expel Lauren Harvey

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On May 5th, Lauren Harvey made a post on Instagram with the caption “I honestly get emotional thinking about prom next year . Like seeing all my beautiful friends in beautiful dresses ??? Sign me tf up I’m actually so excited , and let me just speak this into existence now , y’all better vote me and my man for prom king and queen or else I’m finally shooting up the school”

This post resulted in her expulsion even though it was clearly a joke. People who know Lauren, even in the slightest way, know for a fact that she was making the statement as a joke. If there was any genuine suspicion that she meant those words, someone would have spoken up.

It is understandable that her caption has been mistaken as a threat when it was only meant in a joking way. It is a time of unease for The United States when it comes to touchy topics such as school shootings, and it is difficult to understand why someone would joke about such a thing.

Lauren is a part of the generation Z, which is known for having a widely different sense of humor. There is easily a generation gap when it comes to the humor associated with generation Z, as it usually consists of more dark humor or “edginess” that is trying to be accomplished. Lauren is one of the many that simply make statements with this sense of “edginess” in dark humor, which is what she was trying to achieve in this post.

Lauren previously had a perfectly clear record, never having to attend any type of detention or having any disciplinary problems. She is known for being a sweet, genuine and goofy girl that everyone loves. Even though Lauren has no history of being a troubling student, she has been faced with expulsion.

Harmony School of Ingenuity constantly states that they are taking actions to insure our safety as students, yet they have done nothing but expel someone who is in no way a threat.

Many students that attend Harmony School of Ingenuity can positively say that they know Lauren Harvey poses no threat to the Campus. Many students also agree that this punishment is being too critical on Lauren. Her life was planned out through the 7+ years she has attended at Harmony Schools and all of that effort has been thrown away because of an untasteful joke.



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