Recall uk parliament to deal with energy crisis

Recall uk parliament to deal with energy crisis

10 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Liam C

Does this really need an explanation?

Two and a half months - completely off duty - for summer recess alone!

Aside from teachers who use their own wage to fund class materials and work extra hours unpaid before and after school times - who else in the country gets a “summer break”? (Unlike Parliamentarians who claim expenses down to the last postage stamp!)

Who hasn’t had a pay rise? Who has had one that in real terms makes you worse off than at any point in the last decade?

Does any other professional body in the country get a “summer break”? Judges - No, solicitors - No, business leaders - No, Police and other emergency services- No!

How is it that we are being allowed to walk head first into economic meltdown whilst parliamentarians sun themselves for a solid two and a half months?

Whilst this petition seeks to redress the balance at a time of crisis and recall parliament in order to deal with the current crisis, we also request a commons committee and parliamentary debate is held on the disgrace that is a two and a half month recess with no justifiable or satisfactory reason beyond “tradition”.

Our MP’s are paid and elected by us. They work for us. We are not receiving good value for money when they aren’t present and doing their job, effective incurring excessive amounts of annual leave beyond the comprehension of the average UK worker. 

This is clearly out of line with the modern business of government.

The Uk average annual leave is 28 days. 

Parliamentarians, through combined summer recess, along with whitsun recess, February (Easter) Recess, Christmas Recess, November recess and conference recess - receive in excess of 70 days annual leave. This is a disgraceful situation which can no longer be tolerated in the modern age.

This represents an extreme lack of value for UK tax payers which is most keenly felt in times of crisis such as the energy crisis we now face!

This situation must end


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Signatures: 91Next Goal: 100
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