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Recall Mayor Kevin Johnson

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The secret funding to build a new basketball arena drive was led by Mayor Kevin Johnson using his staff and non-profits of which he has a vested interest.

Using behest payments, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson collected over $370,000 of cash without proper disclosure to the citizens of Sacramento. After a story published by the Sacramento News and Review about unlimited money from big donors, free city labor, a lot of secrecy and how the mayor’s groups, particular Think Big Sacramento, blurred the line between public and private interests, the Mayor's former Chief-of-staff Kunal Merchant stated that the late reporting was due to a “clerical error.”

Due to some fantastic reporting by Ryan Lillis ( and Cosmo Garvin (, the long and shady intertwined "philanthropic organizations" connected to Mayor Johnson are now being exposed. Back room deals with the Maloof family, owners of the Sacramento Kings, "funding stemmed from an arrangement worked out by Johnson, and agreed to by the Kings, that stipulated that 10 percent of the millions of dollars in corporate sponsorships the mayor helped raise for the franchise last spring would be funneled into his Think Big committee."


There are about 650,000 registered voters in Sacramento County. This petition requires about 10% of that figure in order to put a recall election on the ballot. Please sign the petition today and share with your friends and neighbors.

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What is a Behest payment?


A list of behest payments:
Sacramento City Council behests--as of Sep 5 2012

Make sure to also contact the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) and file a complaint: 

Email or call:

It is time for the citizens of Sacramento to get corrupted politicians out of our government. Vote. Make a change. 

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This petition had 76 supporters

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