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Rebuttal to Remake the Confederate Memorial Carving on Stone Mountain


There is a petition currently contrived to attempt to deface this artwork. The piece of art on the side of Stone Mountain was started by an artist known as Gutzon Borglum. Gutzon was a world renowned carver and known for stone carvings. He is also the same man that was in charge of the carving on Mt. Rushmore where he died in 1941 before it was finished. He started the Stone Mountain carving in 1924 just prior to the Mt. Rushmore carving.  But due to wars and construction problems the carving would not be finished until 1972.  This is a valuable piece of artwork for future generations to experience. Furthermore everything in todays world doesn't have to be 21st century. It is imperative that some history be left behind so that generations to come will know where we came from as a society. This is not something to be changed on a whim or because someone is bored and wants to stir something up. This is valuable art and we support it being protected in its current state. Defacing it is not an option.

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