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Rebuild the Middle Class and END Illuminatti's hold on America!

There is NO Democracy in America!

This is evident how our Republican party panders to it's secret illuminatti, Wall Street!


The middle class which has become extinct in America use to be the cornerstone of America. The middle class is where you find small business who contribute more to America than their counterpart large tax dodging corporations.

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To strengthen the middle class, ALL citizens earning $20 million and "under" MUST pay Social Security & Medicare taxes! The wealthy have been dodging their fair share of taxes for decades! Shirking that responsibility to the middle and working class!

If they live here, it's time they contribute! Providing jobs is NO longer a substantial excuse to shirk their duty to pay their taxes! If you're giving tax breaks, they should ONLY go to individuals and families earning $250,000 a year and UNDER!

The wealthy will be just fine, there are plenty billionaires here! The only difference, is they'll just be contributing more financially to our country!

They'll have plenty of discretionary income to blow as they see fit!
The Paris Hilton's of the world will still be able to party aimlessly, and contribute nothing but fodder for the tabloids!

If you are so intent on cutting spending, then CUT the bloated Pentagon's budget! 80-90% of tax dollars go to fund our military!

We say it's time to force the Pentagon to "switch" it's mentality from "funding war" to "funding peace" in NON military way! We have plenty of arsinal to protect this country!

What America "needs" is to change it's mindset from being "war mongers" and trying to control & bully other countries for their resources!

Keep the mortgage deduction for ALL properties valued at $1 million and under, the professional middle class person can afford properties valued at 1 million. The deductions are crucial for both the middle class and the wealthy!
Otherwise there is no value to owning a home! This is one deduction crucial to strengthening our middle and working class families. With a shift in taxation the poverty level will decrease. America will be strong financially AND "morally" something America never had under the Bush MisAdministration!

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