Victimization and Bullying Practises downplayed & not effectively addressed at school.

Victimization and Bullying Practises downplayed & not effectively addressed at school.

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Despite the posters, verbal written contract that line the school profess to standardise by and the Zero-Tolerance policy that is allegedly boasted about continuously, our experience is that the school would rather not address the problems appropriately in fear of treading on toes or just out of a lack of interest as it has been accepted / tolerated previously. The responses received from the schools administration include bland lip service such as:

• I didn't see it happening and the teachers cant be expected to be inclass all the time.
• Boys will be boys, you know.
• This stuff just happens. It'll all blow over soon.
• Your child just needs to have a thicker skin.
• The child you are accusing of bullying parents deny he has an issue, even thou we know he is a handful, their really isnt anything wrong he is a boy. I just can't believe he would do such a thing. Are you sure your child isn't exaggerating?                           >What do you want us to do or what do you expect us to do we only have so much charge/ control.

More and more, as I talk with parents whose children have experienced bullying at the school now and previously, they share this common experience of having their concerns downplayed by the very adults who are charged with keeping our children safe and even being victims of the said adults being bullies themselves especially when you speak up on incidents.

I want to state my unequivocal support for most educators and school personnel. As they are charged with a great responsibility. I want to also state my unequivocal support for most educators and school personnel as i have facilitated despite the on going circumstances.
and I recognize their role as monumental. It is my belief that most adults who dedicate their professional lives to Education are heroes and I thank them endlessly for their service. With that said, there are also adults who fail children and I don't know any more eloquent or sophisticated way to describe my feelings about it other than to tell you that it burns me. While I understand that sometimes kids are often mean to each other-and sometimes unspeakably cruel-what I cannot wrap my mind around is when adults knowingly allow it to happen and participate in the cruelty. Parents ask me: what should I do when I report bullying to school and the school downplays my concerns? I have done everything in my capacity as a Parent, an adult with the best interest of the children involved and as a human being to civilly address these concerns, with no results thus far.
There are rules and guideline we follow to treat with issues at the school and other steps guided by to addressing concerns which are not be efficiently or effectively addressed. As those in authority find you a problem when you voice the concerns and follow up on the issues as the fire is in your kitchen and not theirs so the interest, passion or understanding is annoying to them; or that's the feedback you receive.

Promote Strong Anti Bullying programs and training with executives and pupils and complete unannounced visits and guides and hold persons accountable for infringements.

I write as a parent deeply concerned about the significant problems my son and I are continuously facing at the St. Patrick's New town Boys R.C. School due to disruptive disrespectful and unbecoming behaviour that will hamper his right to a proper education in a Safe environment.

While watching a movie in the computer room with classmates he was attacked by a pupil who was just seperated from a fight with another student. He ran up to him cuffed him in the stomach and face and pushed him down, (The schools administration didn't see the need to inform me nor the child's guardians on this incident of which i addressed with the child's parent on my own amicably).
>Another child peed on my sons school bag and his books why God alone knows?
> He was stabbed in his face with a pencil by a student because he didnt want to play.
>students continuously striking my son in his chest when the incision where he was cut to do the two open heart surgeries started to pain him so much he told his teacher and her response to him was she didnt want to hear anything but the breeze and asked if he was an EGG
> Said teacher hit my son in his back and couldn't explain why as she stated he was not ill mannered or disruptive she exclaimed when i asked the reason she must be going mad.
> Two older boys whom my son was unable to identify as they left before i arrived kneed him in his face beat him up damaged his bag and lunch kit putting me in the expense of replacing yet another and the administration response was sorry these boys have so much energy built up and the school yard cannot accommodate to do activities to aid in them releasing
>After many complaints and no redress i brought the concerns to the principal and vice principal and my son was moved from the teachers class. The principal Vice and school supervisor apologise about the incidents and the manner the teacher treated with the situation and the fact the teacher got upset that i brought it to her superiors attention and decided she would move my son from her class.
> Daily his snack and juice was stolen by a student whom also cut his new lunch kit and parents didn't replace or was concerned by his behaviour. said student was always hitting him in his chest even thou i constantly advise he is a cardiac patient My son did two open heart surgeries and despite they shouldn't be allowed to interact in that manner. he was Moved to another class until school opened for second year.

I was guaranteed continuous follow up to ensure a smooth transition etc for my son going forward. (Which have not happened to date as the issues continue with no follow up internally.)
>The same student he was moved from was placed in his class again to once again terrorise my son. one time he kept hitting him in his back and when he turned and told his stop his teacher in turn gave him seven strokes for turning around
>Same student at another time knocked my sons two front teeth out his mouth along with many other incidents which caused him to be moved again and again the perpetrator had no repercussions yet again.
>Another time I walked onto the school compound and I could hear his teacher screaming at a child not knowing it was my son so loud I could hear him from by the guard on entering the compound just before the first classroom; when I asked why he was dealing with him in this manner what did he do wrong? He stated look what I found on the ground his book again when I asked my son who was in tears why his book was on the ground he stated the bag keep falling from the bench there isn’t enough space and even when boys passing it keep falling and sir didn’t want to hear this he was over him screaming and telling him your parent will see me beat you today I took told Sir this is crazy and that’s no reason to act out like this and he isn’t getting any lix and we left. I also was annoyed because amazingly he distributes the books to the boys by throwing it at them indicating it’s a faster medium to get it to them which I don’t appreciate and have expressed previously, as I teach my son to care for his things not treat them in that manner. To which I have experienced the disapproval of my expression to the method. But you are screaming my son’s head off because his book fell.
>Josiah Durham spit in my son’s food split his school belt and threw away his Juice Sir indicated he will inform his parents to which no further communication was received concerning these incidents however my son was immediately transferred to Ms. De Four class who expressed her annoyance but stated she was glad it wasn't Josiah.
> The children finds it a joke to blame him for incident and get a joke out of it as they mock saying he will get in trouble even if its not him,
> The perpetrators have no consequences and at a meeting previously held the school made recommendation for my son to get counseling not the bullies they saw he needed it for being continuously disadvantaged and the statement written on his hand WHAT WOULD JESUS DO! The victim Really, so he is suppose to be advantaged and taught to just accept it don't defend himself if he ever builds the confidence to, madness.
> My son's father visited the school on February 7th 2019 as in a meeting previously he promised to drop in randomly to ensure the boys not giving trouble & aide the teacher & give them guidance as we witnessed on the first day of my son's transfer which was graciously accepted and appreciated as voiced at that time. However The Class Teacher informed him i took my son out of the school which was not the case.

The school is not seriously addressing the issues and i am not satisfied with the sorry expressions as the issues are continuing and sending the wrong message instilled to the young very impressionable minds and to me a parent that daily hand over the responsibility of my son at school to be tutored and i am always uneasy praying for no bullying negative issues, this is nerve wrecking. Maybe I have been to cordial, taking the excuses and trying to help things improve, in vain. I am now of the belief that this is how criminals are recruited, i did not sign on for this. This is not what was promised in the contracts signed on registering for the school.

The incidents above are only a few that have occurred during the period my son has been attending the school. There were numerous others and my son seems to be penalized for each. He is the one who is removed from the class or had to make some major adjustment as a results of acts committed against him.
We are being BULLIED because i queried these incidents occurring, isn't that crazy; I even enquired and have arranged to implement a program within the school to try deal with bullying instances and have been informed they all wish it had more active parents like me. But that must be a hoax because the experience to date shows the opposite; I definitely signed wrong , i didn't pay for this at registration, I was under the impression this was a safe environment to further educate my son to assist in crafting a young man of excellence and integrity for the future. I have remain humble I must reiterate I have never disrespected any of the Staff and somehow we are continuously being victimized. Imagine despite me addressing these issues in a civil manner, we are being treated with discourse, imagine other parents and children can address us on the incidents and ask if i am Terrance mother who the teachers etc were speaking about or what Terrance do again to be moved! without me even making mention of the issues.

Additionally to the summarised version of the many issues previously submitted, I arrived at St. Patrick's New Town Boys on Friday 15th February to pick up my son from school, knocked the door to his class and opened greeted the members inside Good Evening as i always do and directly addressed his class teacher additionally Good evening Ms. I am here to collect Terrance she watched me continued what she was doing and didn't respond. I thought to myself i may possibly be misinterpreting her actions. I asked again twice and the reaction was the same. I stood waiting and looking around to locate him, it was not until the children jumped up after watching back and forth at the both of us and a gentleman in the classroom who looked around based on what transpired, watched what was happening and then he also proceeded to continue addressing the children; The children rushed to me some hugging me and exclaimed aunty they move him again check the other class! I said thank you to them and proceeded to the vice Principals office to enquire why my son was moved again and i was not informed and when i asked his teacher for him she refused to respond verbally; instead she continued what she was doing with her usual smirk expression on her face and ignored my enquiry.

The Vice Principal expressed her annoyance with the situation and further expressed that she hopes this is settled soon and informed he was not supposed to be moved as they had a meeting at lunch that day with regards to the matters and Mrs. Principal insisted he was not to be moved, but his teacher was adamant, and moved him despite. She immediately proceeded to locate my son for me after checking the classes, advised me she will inform the principal what happened and expressed her displeasure with the situation. How much incidents like these do i have to endure before this matter is address seriously and with Urgency not the usual back and forth meetings i have endured for the past two years and more, ending with many apologies and the mess continues. It's only so much one person can take, we have endured more than one can bare; what has to happen before this is seriously addressed. I am blatantly being provoked which is illegal 4B. Provocation : the children are unsure if they want to be his friends because of all that's transpiring. My son is convinced no one wants to be his friend anymore even thou he is not the aggressor and beseech to be homeschooled. They make joke and plan and tell the teachers he does stuff as a game to see him get into trouble or get lix, and joke about it, this is very unfair. continuously transferring him around is not fixing the issues this needs to be effectively addressed and follow up enforced. This is not play it's cruelty and as per the laws of our land its against our laws and very inhumane.

These behaviors are not being seriously addressed which i am of the opinion can be deemed accessory, These actions are unlawfully and malicious this teacher has failed to be self-responsible and the appropriate regulations ought to be enforced. I have been very cooperative and understanding and tried every measure advised by the Administration in giving time to correct things but i definitely cannot continue to be treated in this manner and be disrespected and i am expected to maintain a civil respectful stator. St. Patricks NewTown Boys school administration is giving persons the impression by their culture we are in the wrong. its not until a couple parents were brave enough to ask that they got a better understanding of what was happening because we are being viewed as bad due to these false impressions being put out (Character tarnishing), which is unlawful. If this is the examples shown what exactly is being taught to these impressionable minds, is this the contribution being instilled, then we pretend not to know why society is in the state it is presently. In spite of the many drawbacks we all face, there are three fundamental truths that are suppose to remain constant within the school system or the profession as a representative of the Ministry: Being a teacher is a great responsibility and i am of the opinion it is not clear to them the responsibility they are charged with, teaching is a profession in which one should have or show fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals and be committed to these ideals with pride and always in a professional manner. They are the guardians away from the biological home. This is like a never ending nightmare!

If the Principal can be so fedup she contacted me and apologise on behalf of the school but not the teacher and cannot stop expressing how she looks forward to retiring,it says alot this however cannot continue. If anyone of the same persons involved were in our position they would not have treated as well as we have, nor would they want their loved ones treated in such a manner and unwarranted. I don't need the repeated meetings to keep going over the same steps reiterating the issues and then no positive change. I need action now in seriously addressing this culture.

I have done all in my power as guided by the school, School District Supervisors, Children Authority and Ministry and with no effective results. Please sign this petition and attach your experience via Email to assist in making our voices be heard effectively. 

Concerned Overwhelmed Parent

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