To Reduce Landfill At Event Cinema

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Reducing landfill at Event Cinemas because one day we went to Event Cinemas here's the story. 

On the weekend me and Elvis went to see the movie Ocean’s 8 at Event Cinemas. My mum had brang a drink bottle (Metal) for both of us we looked at the deals, it was 7$ for a popcorn with cardboard around it. Then we looked at something and it showed the same sized popcorn, with a ice cream wrapped in plastic also with a drink with a plastic lid and the worst enemy towards sea-life kind the plastic straw, for only two more dollars! We watched the movie and looked at everyone come in with loads of plastic. At the end of the movie we went to recycle our cardboard boxes but there was only a landfill bin. 

We have an alternative that we have sorted out but its on a slide i'm only 10 years old so its quite hard for me to make this happen, anyway here's our solution. 

We think that the event cinemas could add more bins including a recycling bin, and a soft plastic bin also maybe other bins that could help. Maybe Event cinemas could maybe put up a advert showing how to recycle.