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Limit Homework at CCHS

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School is an important part of everyone's lives. There has always been a negative connotation around the idea of school among students, particularly high school students. If you ask an elementary or kindergarten student, they will usually respond that school is fun. This answer greatly differs from the average high school student. Why? Because of homework. Highs school students receive more homework. Almost all high school students are completely fine with school, because they have friends, instructional time, and the teacher to help them, if they have any questions. The root cause of the negative perception of school is homework. Sure, homework is important, but nowadays teachers load students with hours (4-6 daily) of busywork. Students usually do not have the time to have 1 hour of physical activity to stay healthy. Sitting down for long period of time and constantly stressing over quizzes and tests can have many negative long-term health effects. Our proposal is as follows: Homework is either not allowed or limited to 30 minutes for regular/accelerated/magnet classes. AP courses, since the student chooses whether they take an AP class or not, may give up to 1.5 hours of homework daily. Several students who take multiple AP classes spend as much time doing homework as they spend at school (6-8 hours) some days. The duration of the homework should be estimated by the teacher, and is made to prevent busywork/useless repetitive assignments. In situations where the student needs extra help, and they need to do busywork, the teacher may assign additional work.

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