Reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund

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This couldn't have happened without you! After months of action -- and more than 150,000 letters from Nature Conservancy supporters like you -- Congress reauthorized the Land and Water Conservation Fund on December 18, 2015, getting this vital funding program back up and running for three more years. And your action didn't just maintain the status quo -- you helped increase funding for conservation efforts above and beyond what it has been for many years. That's great news for the hundreds of on-the-ground conservation projects across the country depending on these funds right now. Thank you all you've done to help make progress on conservation this year. Together, we made our voices heard loud and clear. Join our community of nature lovers to continuing to stand together to turn our hopeful momentum into even more progress for nature in the year ahead: Sincerely, Christie McGregor Director of Federal Legislative Campaigns The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy
5 years ago