Robert Mueller, ReAudit Trump for Possible Income Tax, FTC, FCC Violations & FBI Favors.

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Donald Trump may have violated "Rule of Law" on many occasions during the 2016 presidential campaign. Here is a list.

  1. Donald Trump may have funded his entire presidential campaign with Income Tax Evasion Money.  
  2. Donald Trump may have broken FCC rules when he repeatedly lied & slandered  his opponent, Hillary Clinton, over the airwaves claiming that his never indicted and never convicted opponent was a "criminal".  
  3. FBI director James Comey needs to explain to the Robert Mueller Investigation why Hillary Clinton was under investigation and REinvestigation for emails while Donald Trump was not being investigated for Income Tax Evasion, FCC Violations by using the airwaves to purposely lie for personal and political gain, and FTC Violations for his quid pro quo relationship with the National Enquirer. Perhaps the FBI was also investigating Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders, prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, but chose to keep quiet about it, which would also be unacceptable and therefore investigated as well.
  4. These three separate issues clearly gave Mr. Trump a Financial, Deceptive, and Media edge over Hillary Clinton during the Presidential Campaign. Enough of an advantage to alter the final presidential outcome by a significant amount. RovJames Comey needs to explain why the FBI did not find it alarming that a presidential candidate may have funded his entire campaign with income tax evasion money, yet the FBI did not find it necessary to investigate Mr. Trump.
  5. Donald Trump's close relationship to the National Enquirer and the Enquirer's ongoing misuse of their front cover headlines to voice their anti Clinton bias, as fact, rather than as their opinion, is possibly an FTC violation as well. Perhaps as many as 10 million eyes per week saw opinionated National Enquirer Anti Clinton headlines being reported as breaking Headline News Stories. The anti Clinton headlines came out on average one to two times for every four monthly publications. Whenever the National Enquirer created outrageous Clinton phobia headlines and presented them as fact rather than opinion, they were most likely violating FTC and FCC rules. The fact that the National Enquirer Supports Trump makes the entire action highly offensive and most likely illegal.

What we experienced during the 2016 presidential campaign was a Candidate bullying his way through the process, always falling forward into the next day so everybody would forget his transgressions from the day before. That is why it is important to request government agencies do what they are supposed to do, and do what the media missed, honor the rule of law and actually do their job by exposing actions that need to investigated.

We need answers to the questions that were not asked by the media of James Comey at both of his Hillary Clinton press conferences, such as, "Is Donald Trump being investigated as well? That one question alone would have put a better perspective on the FBI's overall purpose and would have allowed journalists to expand their own mindset over what was really going on. Was the FBI only targeting one candidate but not the other, why ?

But beyond that, why are the FTC, FCC and the IRS standing still when its their job to investigate Trump's possible Presidential Campaign Transgressions? Has Hillary Clinton fallen into the trap of the Good Old Boys Network in which the men who dominate these agencies can't see how biased they have been towards Donald Trump and his possible law breaking ways? Is Attorney Loretta Lynch too timid to do her job?

Does Rule of Law only apply to women, and is Rule of Law only enforced during Republican Presidential Terms and not during Democrat Presidential Terms? No matter what has come before, it is time for Donald Trump to be investigated over possible rule of law violations. 

Donald Trump believes he is above the law when it comes to running for the presidency, how much worse might it get as time goes on if he is not investigated on numerous potential rule of law, FCC, FTC, and Income Tax violations.