Petitioning Premier Dr Denis Vincent Napthine and 3 others

Reassess an inconceivably lenient sentence (a non-parole period of 3.5 years) given to David Bryan for the random, unprovoked, and vicious murder of David Tserniak.

- random, unprovoked, and vicious crime by a repeat offender
- low sentence which does not provide enough time for rehabilitation
- high probability of reoffending - danger to the wider community
- sets negative precedent to other potential offenders who might believe that such horrific crime can result in a minimum punishment

Letter to
Premier Dr Denis Vincent Napthine
Minister for Corrections and Minister for Crime Prevention Mr Edward John O'Donohue
Attorney-General The Hon. Robert Clark
and 1 other
Director of Public Prosecutions John Champion, SC
Please reassess an inconceivably lenient sentence given to David Bryan by Justice Kevin Bell on the 26th of Sep, 2013 in the Victorian Supreme Court. Bryan had pleaded guilty to a random, unprovoked, and vicious attack that resulted in the horrible death of David Tserniak on sidewalks of St Kilda. David Tserniak sustained 12 stab wounds to his scalp, nose, chest, shoulders, back and thigh, which fatally punctured his lung and femoral vein.

The sentence given to Mr Bryan was as follows: six years imprisonment, with a non-parole period of three and a half years. He has already served 574 days in pre-sentence detention meaning that he can potentially be back on the streets in less than 2 years time. David Bryan is a repeat offender who had previously served a 6-year sentence for stabbing an innocent passerby in Brisbane, and as such, it is difficult to grasp the reasoning behind such a lenient sentence. We fear that it would be impossible for Bryan to fully rehabilitate in such a short period of time. Brian might, and most likely will, re-offend again ... Moreover, such lenient sentencing sets a negative precedent to other potential offenders who might believe that vicious, unprovoked, and fatal crimes can result in a minimum punishment. The maximum penalty for manslaughter is 20 years imprisonment.