Petitioning Premier Dr Denis Vincent Napthine and 3 others

Reassess an inconceivably lenient sentence (a non-parole period of 3.5 years) given to David Bryan for the random, unprovoked, and vicious murder of David Tserniak.

- random, unprovoked, and vicious crime by a repeat offender
- low sentence which does not provide enough time for rehabilitation
- high probability of reoffending - danger to the wider community
- sets negative precedent to other potential offenders who might believe that such horrific crime can result in a minimum punishment

This petition was delivered to:
  • Premier
    Dr Denis Vincent Napthine
  • Minister for Corrections and Minister for Crime Prevention
    Mr Edward John O'Donohue
  • Attorney-General
    The Hon. Robert Clark
  • Director of Public Prosecutions
    John Champion, SC

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