RAE Members Are Seeking A Special Meeting To Discuss Concerns

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STOP Reading If You Don't Care About Fees Going Up/Losing Control of Our Data! 

PLEASE READ: Update below, dated January 7, 2020

The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, through their most recent actions, are not acting in good faith to the members at large. The latest action of the 3rd party agreements, where members discovered a change in fees to our 3rd parties was mishandled and lacked the transparency required for an association to work in unison with its members best interests at heart. 

The manner and timing of this action,  just before the holidays and without direct communication to the members shows a real lack of respect to the members and to the service providers who have supported us (members) for almost 2 decades. The fact that the new pricing was not provided in writing until Dec 16, 2019 does not sit well with members as this does not provide the 3rd parties or members enough time to plan to make their own budgetary changes. 

Our board is investing in more resources so that they can audit what we do online, in comparison to how MLS data gets inputted or our overall fiduciary duties to the public. The need for this level of auditing is disproportionate to the general way in which business is done in the industry. 

This is the latest action in which the Board’s power overall has caused direct abuse on the members. 

It is our understanding that the association is running at a surplus and that there is no reason to directly increase fees to us or providers that support us in doing our business. There is no logical reason as to why our fees including our membership costs and 3rd party agreements are the most expensive in the country. Especially during a time when Alberta at large is in a recessionary time. 

As a member of RAE, if you are frustrated by the lack of transparency and LEADERSHIP of the board and are seeking better outcomes, we ask that you sign this petition to have your voice heard. 

We have requested a special meeting with the BOD to discuss concerns moving forward, with a specific focus on the following agenda items (final agenda to be determined based on scheduled date):

  • As members, we are seeking full transparency as to when the decision related to 3rd party contracts were made, by whom and how the communication initiatives were planned/executed. 
  • Clarity as to what "commercial" use means and who (what companies are allowed to access it) will have a right to obtain the data feeds?
  • Where the money that is being acquired is going, including the amount that is being paid to the API company which is a subsidiary of Zillow.  
  • We are requesting a special meeting to be held to re-evaluate this decision based on the direct financial impact it will have on members and the logic regarding a per-domain fee vs. a flat fee or per member fee. 
  • Audit and review the process as to how new policies that correlate with potential increases to members services get approval/time frame allotted for completion.
  • Access to the full 2020 financial budget for all members at large.

Change is possible if enough people stand united to seek the answers and solutions that can only result in better governance and much-needed transparency. We need a Board that is for the members, by the members and not the other way around.