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Stop Reality TV From Destroying Cable Television

Reality TV and the Death and Salvation of Cable Television

By Ryan Sinclair


I believe that We The People of America shouldn’t keep silent when we see the clouds of danger brewing and seething in the cauldron of an angry sky and at this hour that red sky is the American Television market for it is being overrun with a plethora of so called ‘Reality TV’ shows.  The irony of it all is that ‘Reality TV’ isn’t really reality even in the most remote sense of the word. Reality TV programming is so scripted and far removed from actual reality that it would be laughable to even think of it as REAL reality if it wasn’t for the sad fact that so many young adults have been  intellectually brainwashed into thinking that it is.


We are facing an ever growing danger that cable television  will erode into nothingness because some executive thinks it’s easier to fill the network with so called “time fillers’’ because they are inexpensive and easy to produce and women and kids love that stuff.  


However, not only is this terrible TV programming but it’s also dumbing down the minds of young viewers but it’s also destroying television brand meaning, brand identification and brand individuality.  There was once a period in time when you took pride and joy in watching cable TV because it was fresh, decisive, diverse, entertaining and educational. Television shows used to have something to do within some board sense or another with the subject of the channel on which it aired and it is that unique quality of individuality that the shows on many of the networks today are presently devoid of.


Reality TV is bad for our children thanks to the subliminal messages of stuff like The X-Factor  which makes youth see no need of a steady job. It was once suggested that a workers revolution was impossible in America because even the poorest believed that someday they might be rich. Today they just hope to attach themselves to the wealthy via American Idol or hit it big with fifteen minutes of fame on YouTube which will get them through to the next day. There’s no hope of advancement by work, by creating something, only of getting ahead by working a doozy over on the next guy.


I used to look forward to watching Animal Planet, Disney Channel, National Geographic, SyFy Channel, History Channel and Discovery Channel because they all had their own unique awesomely exciting programming that made you giddy with joy to view them but now when you turn to History Channel instead of finding Decoding The Past, Digging For the Truth,  or Cities of the Underworld you’ll find the miserable melodrama of Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People or Pawn Stars filling your television programming log from dawn until dusk and it’ll be like that for the entirety of the week, only to escalate over the weekend into an all out Pawn Stars marathon that last in it’s eternal entirety from Friday night into Sunday evening and that is one of greatest tragedies since the murder of Hamlet’s father flowed from the ink quill of Sir William Shakespeare.


The same murderous treachery is being cast in all it’s magic over at the Disney Channel and Universal Studio’s Animal Planet. In days of yesteryear one could find Kim Possible kicking the baddies or American Dragon: Jake Long singeing vile criminals with his stinky fiery breath on Uncle Walt’s flagship TV channel but today all you’ll find from sundown to sunrise is dopey teenage angst and kissy lips pursed on the faces of porcelain skinned girls who ‘wanna be a rockstar’ like Brittney Spears and Miley Cyrus but unlike them these girls can’t sing a lick oh and as if that wasn’t painful enough tuning to Animal Planet won’t get you the joy that was ‘Mutual of Omaha’ nor can you go roaming with the long dead big lizards who live again in ‘Prehistoric Park’ because all of that has been replaced with a reality TV show called ‘My Cat From Hell’ which leaves us to roast like a marshmallow in the flames as we ponder the new low that the vapidity of television has reached. Oh but then you say ‘There is always music to set me from all of this on MTV’ and upon turning there you witness twenty-somethings stumbling out of nightclubs, drunk on booze and fame, in the diabolical boredom that is a reality show called show Jersey Shore. Meet teenage girls having babies and struggling to support themselves, let alone their child, on MTV’s Teen Mom and there are gossiping spoiled women who stir up drama for the sake of television, if Bravo’s Real Housewives (insert city here). 


So now, as we can see cable television programming has all but gone to Hell. Yet, I think that we can do something about it and that means becoming vocal by expressing our displeasure not by simply getting rid of cable or powering off the TV but by e-mailing, Facebooking and Tweeting our displeasure to the cable networks themselves.


I have written out this petition as a step in the right to direction to encourage and implore the television cable networks such as History Channel and SyFy Channel to bring back good quality programming like Modern Marvels and Legend Quest and ditch time wasters like Swamp People for more profitable and valuable programming such as the Emmy winning America: The Story of US. 


If you would like to see the salvation of television programming then please join with me in signing this petition for a better tomorrow on TV screens across America. Thank you.


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