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To management:

As the creator of "The Real Estate Community" group (TREC) I found it necessary to be the voice for all our members and speak out on a very hot topic which, although has been around for a while, is now raging with momentum once again in 2013.

TREC is the fastest growing community of real estate agents and a place for everyone to join, share and discuss any topic. We have thousands of agents & more joining every day. This is a unified group of agents, regardless of brand, age, or even location, that together try to make a positive change in the industry, each others lives and everyones careers.

We believe that is good vehicle and a good product but would like to see support back to the agents that use and support them, more of a 2 way give than just the one way experience we all have now.

Theres are growing number of agents and agencies that are annoyed at the HUGE price hikes. All the increases and changes are getting ridiculous when running a business.

It has been noted that depending on who you are, where you are and what you use subscription costs vary in great amounts. Agents across the country are not happy about the big variances. There are agencies who have done the sums on changing to the flexi plans and noted HUGE price increases.

There is a massive consensus and very recently a long online discussion on agents real thoughts towards the fees being charged. Some agents have mentioned that they have cancelled their subscriptions, many are considering cancelling and the consistent talk of increasing fees to agents who provide the actual content is becoming of great concern, especially when are recording higher profits every year.

The agents and agencies provide you the position online, but if agents in the industry start cancelling their subscriptions or not joining, as many have mentioned when talking about this topic, then this needs to be seriously addressed.

Please start listening to your clients, us the agents. The whole industry is looking forward to your response. I would be more than pleased to chat and see how we can work together and address this for all the agents. All we ask is to be heard.

*If you are an agent or agency, please sign this petition. I will endeavour to speak out for you and help all those supporting this & ask to contact you and chat about your subscriptions to possibly review or at least discuss.

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