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STOP "The Real SideChicks of Charlotte"

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 Will the Real-Women Everywhere Please Stand Up! 

This isn't Lifetime Television where you sit back with popcorn & wine and watch the tactics of a mentally-ill deranged immature slutty villain try to desecrate her bosses marriage. We watch in anguish anticipating the moment the Queen finds out her husband has been unfaithful and confronts his adulterous side-chick we know there will be hell to pay!

But WAIT this isn't fiction, it's REALITY... Ratchet TV at it worst! And an outright attack on the sanctity and institution of marriage. A "side-chick" is someone without a "moral code" meaning she can't check her selfish behavior wants or needs at the door of "Is this the right thing to do" she has no personal standards or she has chosen to ignore them.

She will fight and embarrass herself and anyone in her wicked path a train wreck waiting to happen. Why are we so willing to glamorize and support such poor unethical behavior? Purposefully wilfully unabashedly sleeping with married men is scandalous and airing it on television is deplorable. 

What message are we sending to our children? That unscrupulous behavior brings fame and fortune? God forbid. It leads you down a path of brokenness broke lives broken families and a reputation that only Jesus can forgive. 

Charlotte has a lot going on but this is an embarrassment to the very fiber of what we stand for prosperity and success for all never failure and dignity, not deceit.

Remember Queen Charlotte was the wife of King Charles III, not his side chick!
We do not want side-chicks HERE or THERE we do not want that ANYWHERE!

If this show airs, we are willing to boycott any and all advertisers affiliated with the show through commercial advertising, product placement and/or location use.



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