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Building inspections to become mandatory prior to a house going on the market

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Appeal to Real Estate Agents
Our campaign to see mandatory building inspections undertaken by the selling party prior to any given property being listed for sale has a twofold effect in that the asking price is a known and accounted for amount inclusive of required maintenance work already conducted to the property. It removes the possibility for negotiation surrounding structural repair work to be done once ownership of the property has transferred after factoring in reduced purchase price to allow for said structural repairs. It also ensures said structural repairs are carried out as opposed to being accounted for and the work never undertaken.
Such a landmark decision would permit a more accurate asking price and expedite the property sale process by removing the requirement or potential thereof for a building inspection at the purchasers discretion and arrangement. By having such an inspection carried out prior at the sellers behest the sale is better prepared with fewer unknown factors and less hands on involvement required by the real estate agent by way of acting as a conduit between parties.

Appeal to General Public
In the same way that property sales have for some time been made subject to termite inspection as a standard so too does the scope of such inspection need to be broadened to come into line with an increasing array of other factors which could prove costly to the new homeowners not too far down the track. As we become more aware of long term deterioration effects on our properties we need to ensure the correct measures to detect potential issues before they become a problem for new owners who themselves may already be heavily invested.
With this in mind our proposal aims to shift the responsibility for a qualified building inspection report from being optional for the potential buyer at point of sale to mandatory for the seller at point of listing.
As homebuyers and investors alike tend to invest close to the limit of their financial capacity such a proposal would protect them financially by entering into a property in a known condition which we feel, as consumers is their, nay our very right.
When a potential buyer is looking at properties within their budget they deserve to be looking at a price which accurately reflects the property without needing to make allowances for structural repairs or changes and they should also, as a standard, be made aware of any issues that aren’t structural but may not be obvious to the uninitiated.

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