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Safer Health Care: Help employ the right workers to care for Australian Communities.

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We continuously see improper people in essential roles in health care, aged, and disability sectors. Risks, hazards and issues can occur. However, if workers within these industries and services lack compassion and a caring nature at all moments, risks and hazards to patients and clients are increased and duty of care, essential in these roles, is diminished. As a result, injuries and deaths as well as life long impacts incur to people and families.

In 2016 we sadly saw cases that illustrate better hiring policies are required for these jobs that are essential to our community. These jobs are in services where vulnerable people need to go or turn to to be cared for (more likely without a choice), not injured or made worst of.  

Four examples of improper treatment of patients resulting from carelessness are:

  • Hospital oxygen mixed-up causing a death of a new born and brain damage to another new born.
  • A 9-year-old severely disabled non-verbal boy alleged to have been physically assaulted by a carer in a respite facility.
  • A 3-year-old sent home, misdiagnosed, three times from the same hospital with a deadly disease.
  • Two residents of two aged care facilities died due to staff failing to appropriately assess the residents' conditions, medical assistance was delayed. 

These are just four examples within one year that were brought to our attention. Question remains how many cases go unspoken of.........

We can eliminate these situations if candidates applying for health care jobs are better equip to fulfill the nature of the jobs. Obtaining a thorough level of personality screening to ensure these essential jobs a filled by workers who have the nature to care for others in all circumstances is the first step.

The four examples above highlight that policies need to be improved for all positions: workers directly caring for our community as well as workers in managerial and administrative roles who have the duty to ensure systems and processes are safe and maintained.

In addition, better recruitment practices can reach a greater worker-role match leading to higher job satisfaction and increasing the level of enthusiasm applied in work. Also better training can prepare workers to make effective decisions and feel comfortable in all situations as well as identifying when to seek advice and help if required.

The main aim of this petition is to increase awareness of the role-worker match issue in our health care services and to see a better manner of recruiting the right people in health care. 

Health care workers required more than the right qualifications for the jobs. These workers should have a great willingness to help others and care for others at all costs. Many cases convey that this personal trait is not exercised by all health care workers.

My family is only of many who have experienced carelessness in a hospital.

Different people, even just one, could have prevent an error from occurring.

I received Cerebral Palsy, a form of brain damage, during birth as a result of hospital staff carelessness and negligence. As result of not attaching the heart-rate monitor correctly, staff were not alerted when labor set in. My mother was administrated the Epidural, a localized anesthetic drug that unable her to feel labor and was left unattended.

As a result of being without oxygen for a number of minutes, I have a severe speech impairment, not able to walk nor use my hands. I will need full time care throughout my life which has an impact on my family. I would like to stop this from occurring to others.

Unfortunately, there will come a time when I will need care from health care services as my parents will be unable to be carers as they have been to date and in effect I will be at the mercy of health care workers yet again. I  am only one of many facing this. Employing suitable workers in health care will not only eliminate risks and hazards leading to initial harm but also achieve real care for those affected by an inadequate system in past and current times. 

If we speak up and act now, we will be saving others from risks and improper treatment..... children and the elderly whom might not have the ability to voice the carelessness towards them.  

Please sign this petition and help care for others.

Thank you! 

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