Save I-Lead, Save our Choice

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We all know this idea, written in the Declaration of Indepence, which speaks about the basic human right to ‘’Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’’ This can be applied to the situation that our school is currently facing. To many of us, including myself, I-LEAD Charter School means more than just a school. Some of us have found our passions within the walls of I-LEAD, and even more importantly, our identities. We’ve found happiness and have made connections with each other, whether it be staff or students. These experiences have helped guide and shape us, driving us to be the leaders we are today!

As students, we decided to attend I-LEAD, but our liberty might be taken away from us...our liberty of choosing which school we feel more comfortable attending. This petition might not make a difference, but it will at least show that you support our choice. This shows that even if our school closes, we didn’t go out without a fight and more importantly that, YOU were a part of that. This will also show that when needed, we came together and you supported us. Therefore, I ask of you, please sign it. Sign it to allow us to keep our happiness and liberty of choosing our education and our future. 


Angela Calidonio Sobalvarro