Improve clean air and road safety on Crescent Road

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We want our children to breathe clean air and walk on safe streets. We therefore support the brief daily closure of Crescent Road during the school run from September 2020.

Crescent Road is a busy and at times dangerously crowded road, with three schools, narrow pavements and fast traffic. There have been several accidents in recent years.

We therefore wish the council to support our road closure scheme at drop off and pick up times by September 2020. The closures would be brief - perhaps 40 minutes long - but effective. They would let children walk to school, free of fear. They would improve air quality for everyone. 

The Transport Secretary has committed support to walking and cycling to school through the introduction of School Streets. Crescent Road, with three schools and the capacity for over two thousand pupils, is a perfect candidate. 


(pictures from Living Streets)