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c sections to be given when you lose a baby.

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In 2015 I lost my baby boy he was still born and I was 39 weeks plus 3, I was asked what I wanted to do, I could take some tablets and and go home and let the labour come on or stay in hospital and have this. I asked for a c section and was told not really because they like you to have a natural birth and having a section will leave you with a scar and nothing to show for it, well I couldn't go into labour and after having my baby boy passed away inside me for 4 day they then decided I will need a section, so after all of me asking I had a section with a scar and no baby to show for it. I think it's wrong, no mother should have to go through natural labour to give birth to there baby they have waited long and hard for and not hear that first cry, it's heartbreaking enough being told there no heart beat. 

I want to try and get this put forward as it's something closed to my heart and I've known a few people that have had to give birth to there baby's they have lost. I no the hospital say it's the best way etc etc but they need to take on board the parents feeling and what it will do to them. 

The RBH was amazing with me but as soon as I had left the hospital I didn't get one bit of help with how I will deal with my loss which I think it needs more work on, send someone out to the parents see how there doing, how there copeing, if it wasn't for friends and people I've met along the way I would prob be a wreck. 

So please get behinde me and help try and see if we can somehow get this put in motion and help parents and family's that are going through this. Natural or not it's wrong and heartbreaking. 

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