Justice for animals being abused

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For years now, beautiful creatures especially innocent dogs are being abused/tortured all over the world but I would like to express that there is clearly a lack of JUSTICE about animal abuse. I would like to make a stand for the animals that we love, they give us unconditional love, they are in a helpless condition being abused. We need to make a strong petition and stand that this needs to stop so these animals can lead the happy, comforting lives that they so truly deserve.

If you are a pet owner, let me ask you this one simple question, would you let your pet be abused? If no, please join me in reaching out to the appropriate people to make some sufficient changes.

There is no punishment for these sick people that abuse creatures that stay so loyal, loving and protective of us.

Please join me and everybody else in supporting this and sign a petition that truly could make a change if we all stand together. Together, we can all make it happen. 

With enough votes, I can reach out to the right people with this and we could make that amazing change. Imagine these beautiful creatures being more being safe and free from cruelty if this happened?! 

If we don't try and make these changes together, this abuse and such cruelty to our lovely animals of nature will carry on, nothing will be done effectively leaving them still vulnerable, helpless and defenceless to abuse.

All it takes is two minutes of your time and you can be one of those people that has made that impact they so desperately need.

Thank you for reading this.