Spread Awareness & Save Lesser Known Endagered Species Of India

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Thank You For Supporting My Cause

Hello All,  In love & Light, my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for supporting this cause and signing this petition. We must raise our voice for the voiceless and make the  governments  and wildlife protection bodies pay attention to the other endagered species too, that are at more risk of extinction than the Tiger. Together we can help bring a change for these endagered species who simply exist but are quickly vanishing due to our ignorance. Let’s be the change. Congratulations to all of us for reaching out first milestone of 200 supporter community. A bi lg big thank you, I shall keep you all posted with the developments and changes.  With love and best wishes Chitvvan Waraich ( Animal Whisperer & Healer)   

Chitvvan Waraich
2 years ago