Re-write the educational system to help children learn the subject, not how to pass tests!

Re-write the educational system to help children learn the subject, not how to pass tests!

12 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ico Twilight

Children learning in schools are only being taught how to pass a test in their subjects, not how to acctualy do them!

One great example of this is computer science, a subject where you lean how to code and deploy systems for the public use. It is in this subject that you are enticed to learn a language known as pseudo-code which has no allocatable use outside of an exam. On top of this, if the code that you write is too good then you will be marked down and thus have a much worse grade overall.

This entices students not to learn and enquire by themselves as it will have no use in their GCSE's. On top of that it also means that students who have gone out of their way to self learn will be marked down in the exam.

If you ask anyone's oppinion in the position of teaching or being taught, they will most likely agree that the educational system is not enforced correctly. You may even get comments on the fact that it is based off of an outdated system that hasn't been changed since the Industrial Revolution.

As originally stated, this affects everyone in a negative way, where the students take longer to learn due to the time spent learning useless information instead of useful. The employers that employ people as an apprentice will have to spend even longer teaching them. The Government will also have a lower multiplayer effect as the new generation will produce less income. Overall this will effect everyone as there is not as much incoming tax and so less public services will be invested in.

What needs to happen?

You may have heard of a btec, this is a educational course where you are based off of more than just a test, but your ability to use the skills that would otherwise be hidden in a paper by building or doing an acctual process. Some examples for different subjects could be:

  • Write a multi-page book
  • Help build things for the school
  • Build simple software or games
  • Teach a small class on the subject
  • Conduct science experiments
  • Make maps of an area

If this case is won then what should happen is that students across the country should be examined less on tests and more on practical applications of a subject so that they are able to be much more prepared for life in the future and can make a much greater and better change for society and themselves.

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Signatures: 35Next Goal: 50
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