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Why this petition matters


Students are not able to focus on their studies through this online medium moreover the OBE is not showing any affect, rather children are able to cheat on from different websites, but losing confidence on trusting their own answers that they learnt in online classes. It is making the students question as what have they actually learned in these classes. Specially for the first-year students, they haven't even visited their college till now, and they see no hope in the university, as all they have given them is fake promises and false information about having offline classes, - some said "it will open from next semester for you all" but when exams were finished, they backed from their words, such a huge disappointment! The students don't know the rules and procedures, environment of college and are studying by just coping from google and listening to lectures from YouTube.

This is what the image of a Central university and of our Indian education is now being created in the minds of all youth of SIKKIM UNIVERSITY.

            • Due to lack of Face-to-Face interactions between professors and students, students are not able to understand some concepts virtually and we are not able to have our Practical's.

            • Bad Network Connection- all of the students belong from different regions of the country and everyone are facing different network connection problems. Many do not have WIFI connectivity in their homes, and many may not be able to afford it.

             - there is a lapse between video and audio which further hampers the quality of classes. It limits one’s interaction in the class.

              - Imagine a student feeling helpless in this situation, where they want to study but cannot, because of some external factors.

         - Can't this problem be fixed? It can be, offline classes can solve many of the problems. But the university is itself making it tough for everyone. 

            • Many of the students residing in Jammu and Kashmir weren't even able to attend most of their online classes because of electricity and WIFI problems and have to travel long distances to access connectivity. Also, students living in villages have electricity cut-out problems. 

            • Outstation students with no libraries to access are facing problems in research assignments.

            • During monsoon season Assam always suffers from power cut-out due to heavy rain, floods in different areas, and no access to any other source.

            • Due to online mode, students are not able to gain PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS which is very crucial.

            • We appreciate the efforts made by university for our online teaching but we want to come and study at the university properly under professors’ presence and want a degree out of our hard-work and not online examination where not checking and searching websites for something extra to write in exams is unavoidable.

            • Lack of motivation and distractions between the classes are affecting students’ overall performance. Students are struggling from MENTAL HEALTH problems because of the uncertainty. Sudden outburst of emotion, anxiety, feeling of helplessness and to some certain point depression are increasing more in students.

            • Scholarships, that we try so hard to get one, rather be it in entrance based or merit based, are now being cancelled or the promised/desired amount of the scholarship are deducted to very little amount, which can only be used to pay tuition fees for one time. 

            • All of the university across the nation had already reopened even mostly all of the central universities have also resumed their offline classes. Students are suffering from immense pressure from their home environment and their surroundings regarding offline classes. A clear decision would help resolving the uncertainty.

Hence, we request the authority to take this matter seriously and re-open the Sikkim university. We hope to see a positive change in this matter after this petition.

254 have signed. Let’s get to 500!