Decision Maker Response

Justin Trudeau’s response

Oct 7, 2015 — The Conservatives’ sudden closure of the Kitsilano search and rescue station – despite widespread opposition from the Premier of British Columbia, the Mayor of Vancouver, many local safety experts, and the public – is appalling and completely disregards the safety and lives of Metro Vancouver’s marine community.

The Kitsilano station is the focal point for safety, both on the waters of British Columbia’s lower mainland and at Canada’s busiest marine port, Vancouver Harbour, which reports over 350 incidents a year. By moving search and rescue responders 17 nautical miles away to Richmond, the Conservatives are forcing longer emergency response times with potentially dangerous consequences.

We cannot wait for disaster to strike before acknowledging its grave error and the serious need for highly skilled search and rescue responders at the Kitsilano station. That is why Liberals have been clear: we will re-open a full service Coast Guard station in Vancouver, and reinvest in marine safety and oil spill response capacity on the BC coast.

The Liberal Party of Canada is emphatically opposed to the Kitsilano Coast Guard closure and will continue to fight for the safety and security of our coastal communities.