Save Scott's Farm - this is our home.

Save Scott's Farm - this is our home.

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Minister Stephen Miles (Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ)) and

Why this petition matters

Started by Belinda Scott

Our followers strenuously object to the proposed Ripley Valley PDA and the DCOP that affects the Scott family property, Lot 178 SP141675 @ 208 Fischer Road, Ripley Qld 4306. This parcel of land has a primary school proposed for it under the recent PDA.

This land has been protected by the Scott family (known as Scott’s Farm) and has not been cleared of trees or vegetation, with many of the trees being over 300 years old. Due to the surrounding land being cleared for high density housing, Lot 178 has become a refuge area for wildlife, koala’s, kangaroo’s, sugar glider possums & various other marsupials. It also provides a safe corridor for wildlife displaced by housing development.

The Scott family has owned Scott's Farm in Ripley since 1893 and shared it with the community for countless events, functions, celebrations and groups and we have just received a letter from the government trying to take a very large part of it from us. This would render the reminder of the property completely inaccessible. It has significant heritage values within the Ipswich Community.

The property acts as a buffer zone to Ecco Ripley from industrial noise and odour from Swanbank and New Chum dumps. 

By acquiring this land it will negatively affect the remaining part of the property, both physically & financially.

There is 10 of our families that live on this property. This acquisition will affect the health and wellbeing of various generations of our family, including children.




5,629 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!