Change of lecturer for FIN544

Change of lecturer for FIN544

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Started by STUDENT OF UiTM

Our class for FIN544 group BA32 is having challenges with the lecturer, Prof Dr Madya Norlida Jaafar. She is an excellent lecturer from a knowledge point of view but as far as her behavior towards students and the way she teaches is definitely a concern for a long term success of the students.

She always seems like she is in not in a good mood which may showcases as she has no interest in teaching. There are times where she will be too sarcastic towards students, example whenever we ask questions to clarify, she will answer angrily and that makes us feel demotivated to ask in the near future. But if we do not ask any question and act like we understand, she will be sarcastic such as “oh dah pandai..” “any questions? no? oh like always…” *a student told her that she was not presenting and she said “oh ini you nampak. you tak buat kerja tak nampak pulak”.
She also sighing too much throughout the class like she does not really enjoy teaching us. She talks angrily all the time and that pressure the students whenever we are in her class. Not to mention when she starts cursing in our classes such as “damn it” or “shit” to mention a few. She stated that our class is too passive and not active without considering her reaction when we are genuinely being active when asking questions.

The reason we are highlighting this to you is to ensure that we are getting the most out of this course for a long term objective that we are here to achieve which to complete our graduation. We believe in choosing this university with a proven track record and we do not wish to end up disappointed or even failing this course due to this environment.

The behaviour showcased by this lecturer not only demotivated us as a student, but creating a hostile environment among everyone. We know that our mental well being is equally important for the university as to us and we are seeking an immediate action on this as the first step of our action. We trust this will be taken at the highest attention

15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!