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Vote for Option E: Revitalize the Rte. 1/ VCC corridor

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We Support Henrico County Public Schools’  Middle School Redistricting Option E

Henrico County residents are extremely fortunate to live in a locality with an incredible school system and talented educators. Our public schools are among the best in the state and provide our children with the foundation to excel academically and achieve their potential. We welcome the ongoing discussions regarding school redistricting in Henrico and believe that Option E is the best way to alleviate overcrowding immediately in schools such as Hungary Creek Middle School, which currently sits at 116% capacity.  Other specific benefits include the fact that L. Douglas Wilder Middle will be able to accommodate a new gifted program and several elementary schools like Shady Grove and Twin Hickory would no longer have their students split up at middle school. The continuity that Option E sets forth helps foster the friendships that our children build in elementary school and carries them into middle school while also creating more neighborhood and civic engagement. 

In addition, the HCPS Board is a vital part of the leadership of Henrico County and cannot operate in a vacuum. By keeping the planned River Mill community in the Hungary Creek and Glen Allen High School districts, the School Board can help maintain a more cohesive community and spur revitalization; revitalization that will benefit all communities in proximity the Route 1/ Virginia Center Commons corridor regardless of school district.  River Mill as planned also represents the potential for positive net tax revenues which aid future infrastructure enhancements county-wide, including schools. The school board has an opportunity to positively impact change in Fairfield by voting to keep River Mill in its current district, keep our community together, and generate substantive change and revitalization so needed in this area.

We implore to the Henrico County School Board to do the right thing and choose Option E for middle school redistricting. 

 Option E Benefits:

(1) Hungary Creek MS would get necessary relief from overcrowding. In this option the capacity at HCMS would drop to 94% in 2018. Option C would keep Hungary Creek at 100% capacity in 2018 and at 98% capacity in 2019. 

(2) L. Douglas Wilder MS would be able to accommodate the new gifted program.

(3) Shady Grove ES would feed entirely into Short Pump MS (currently split between Holman and Short Pump MS).

(4) Echo Lake ES split between Holman MS and Hungary Creek MS would be more balanced.
- Current split (K-5): 24 percent Holman/76 percent Hungary Creek
- Option E split (K-5): 38 percent Holman/62 percent Hungary Creek

(5) This is the ONLY option that keeps all Twin Hickory Elementary students  together and would feed entirely into Short Pump Middle.

(6) Springfield Park ES would feed entirely into Holman MS (currently split between Holman MS and Hungary Creek MS).

(7) Area sent from L. Douglas Wilder MS to Fairfield MS would be closer to Fairfield MS and improve transportation efficiency.

(8) Estimated poverty rates for four of the seven middle schools would move closer to the division’s overall percentage.

(9) Glen Allen Elementary students would continue to feed entirely to Hungary Creek.  

(10) River Mill would stay in it's currently zoned schools, Hungary Creek Middle and Glen Allen High. This it vital for allowing the subdivision to be built as envisioned and spur on the desperately needed revitalization to the ailing Rte. 1/ Virginia Center Commons corridor. It's time for the Fairfield district to experience economic growth and vitality like the West End/Short Pump area. ALL of Henrico County can benefit from this surge in development. 

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