Release ALL information pertaining to April mass shooting.

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As a friend of Jolene Oliver and her amazing family I wanted to start this petition so that our voices can be heard and we get one step closer to the public inquiry. Lisa Banfield, GW's significant other, wants to keep some of the court documents regarding the shooting to remain sealed and not shared with the families and public. I will NOT be silenced or "brush this aside", I WILL FIGHT FOR JOLENE, AARON, EMILY AND THE REST OF THE VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES.

I am hoping to get enough signatures to make sure that we get access to any and all documents pertaining to the shooting which will hopefully help prevent anything like this from happening again and most importantly giving some bit of peace and comfort to the families of the victims, so that they can grieve their loved ones. 

We want ANY and ALL information released in the Public Inquiry!

Below is the link for the article about her wanting the documents sealed.