Return Adam Budgell to Ontario to face his charges here after jail term in Newfoundland

Return Adam Budgell to Ontario to face his charges here after jail term in Newfoundland

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Adam William Budgell is a repeat offender of domestic violence, rape, assault against woman, and uttering death threats to woman. Based on the information I have found he has been doing this since he was 16 years old, he is now 34. There has been a number of times he has served time in jail. Jail time has been as short as 21 days and the maximum is 6 months

Where is the justice???

He has shown a pattern of behaviour I believe he will continue to inflict on women. Is it the death of a woman, at his hands that will cause our justice system to act stronger to Adam William Bugell’s actions?

Jail time is a joke to this monster. He needs to be stopped and punished accordingly for his actions. Stop, Slapping his wrist and sending him back out into society. Put his name on the sex offender list so all woman can see he is a repeat offender.

Adam William Budgell had an active warrant in 2016 issued from a Newfoundland court for violence against a woman. He purposely ignored that warrant and fled to Ontario. In Ontario he continued the same violent behaviour against numerous woman. On October 21st 2018 a woman had to fight for her life that night. Had to run from the home, when there was a chance or he would have committed murder that night. Police were called a report was made while this coward had the nerve to text and say “Call cops on me kool whatever” as he ran yet again from police.

He ran all the way back to Newfoundland. We were told a family member hid him from authorities from November 2018 until his arrest on Feb 6th 2019 in their home. He has been sentenced to 8 months in jail on the outstanding warrant. The court ordered he serve his sentence in Her Majesty’s Penitentiary in St. Johns Newfoundland. He was to be transferred to the St. Johns jail on February 19th, 2019 but as of February 22nd, 2019, he still sits in RCMP lockup in Grandfalls-Windsor Newfoundland. There has been no explanation given as to why he has not been transferred.

The wonders of social media has helped bring many other Ontario woman out of hiding. Due to Adam William Budgell’s death threats, these women have been living in fear. Afraid to go public with what he did to them. Many have reached out to an Angel on Earth to survivors of such horrific crimes the wonderful Dani Héroux . This woman has become such a great support for many woman.

On February 15th 2019, the day Adam stood trial in Newfoundland, NTV. Evening News Hour reported on the case and conviction. A link has been included to the broad cast. You can skip ahead in the news cast to approximately 21mins 18 seconds for the piece on Adam. (link below)

I have also included a link to Adam’s February 6th, 2019 arrest by RCMP

We plan to do everything within our power to have the accused offender /rapist Adam William Budgell, brought back to Niagara Region, Ontario to face charges here. 

We are pleading with everyone who reads or hears of this petition please help. Sign this petition. Help all his victims finally see real justice. Hold Adam William Budgell accountable for his horrific actions and treatment of woman. You may contact me via email at

To any and all lf his victims, Stand Strong, please know you are not alone. You are supported should you feel strong enough to come forward and publicly report what happened to you.

HELP BRING ADAM WILLIAM BUDGELL BACK TO. NIAGARA REGION ONTARIO TO BE TRIED FOR THE WARRANT HERE, AFTER SERVING HIS CURRENT 8 MONTH SENTENCE IN NEWFOUNDLAND (THAT VICTIM DESERVES HER JUSTICE SERVED). Adam has already proven that should he be released back into the public he is likely to run again. Before he gets that chance let’s get him moved to Ontario to face the charges here.