Hate crime toward a 13year old autistic boy and RCMP gave the unfair justice

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This incident happened on Aug 24,2020.  My private behaviour interventionist(BI) was with my special need autistic son Howie that day. She was buying some food at booster Juice. Howie was next to her. Howie diagnosed profound intellectual disability 10 years ago and he always has stimulation of flapping his arm and jumping up and down when he is too excited. According to BI that there was a 200 pounds middle age man come really close to Howie. Howie learned a lot from us about the social distancing during the pandemic. In stead of he uses his limited verbal language to tell people what he doesn’t like, he might be slapping at that guy to tell him to keep distancing. That middle age guy flipped out and he punched Howie’s face after Howie slapping at him because of too close distance.  The security and people around the food court at the mall all shocked and said to that guy you just punched a kid on his face. The guy said to them that Howie hit him first that why he punched him back and then he walked away.  My BI was so angry about what she saw and she talked to the security at mall and they called the police. After police arrived and they made a report from BI and I was also be called by the police that they will find the guy and do the investigation. And I told them because that time I wasn’t with my son and I don’t want any concussion happened because that guy’s punch. Honestly I don’t think anyone can tolerate their kid be punched by a big adult. I will put a charge on that guy.

     After the police investigate from the CCTV at mall. They called me and said that guy is on self defence in this case. Whatever I told from BI is not the same as they saw at CCTV. Because Howie slapped at the guy first then they guy self defence himself. I was shocked by what that cop said. Really a 200 pound guy punch a 70 pound 13 year old special need kid’s face. That is self defence. I said to him that he think this is okay. Regardless that guy doesn’t know my son has intellectual disability, he used his fist to punch a 13 year old kid in public. I totally not agree with that Constable at all. In Canada, even the parents can’t beat their kid by law. How can a 200 pounds adult punch my son’s face in front of a lot of people is a self defence? Is he has problem to control his anger toward a teenage? Also if that guy is not too close to my son and following the social distancing at 6ft. How can he slapped by my son? Is my son has the 6ft long arm to slapping at him since he is just next to my BI . I would say this is just hate crime rather than self defence and the rcmp just want dish out the problem and not put a charge on that guy. In addition, the cop said that we need watch closely to my kid not to slapping at others in public.  In stead of find that guy, the rcmp simply blame on us not watching the kid close enough. And my BI was next to Howie all the time when the incident happen.  This is not a fair justice. I need a decent apology from this guy and also the guy’s contact information in case my son has the brain injury by his punch.