Do not let Arthur Shek Kang Chuen whom promoted the terrorist attack in HK hide in Canada.

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On July 20 2019 in Hong Kong a pro-China gathering event occurred. This event was hosted by Hong Kong government and politician to promote a Chinese regime and fuel the police to "protect" the city from crime. Mainly to forcefully stopping Hong Kong protest against Chinese Extradition bill.

During this event a man Arthur Shek Kang Chuen a founder of Hong Kong Economic Times had made a speech. ( This speech includes content of promoting to public use pipes and other weapon to mass slaughter Hong Kong protesters.

On July 21 2019 in Yuen Long, Hong Kong at a subway station a group of organised terrorist used metal pipes and other weapon to hit/slaughter/kill Hong Kong citizen whether they are protesters, citizens, journalist, politicians, pregnant women and children alike. ( During this period no policed showed up to stop this incident allowing the terrorist to attack/kill/slaughter Hong Kong citizen.

After this incident Arthor Shek Kang Chuen has been reported that he has left his position in Hong Kong Economic Times and fled to Vancouver Canada. This person is considered to be very dangerous and can cause a group in public to mass murder Hong Kong citizen. He should not be allowed in Canada for any reason as he is against Human Right, against freedom of speech, against freedom to express concerns and a bias to pro-communism.

If these reports are correct as a Canadian Citizen I condemn this action. We should not welcome him to our soil and take advantage Canadian rights.