Stop Brittany Mahaney and Shawn Saunders from Scamming People

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Brittany Mahaney and Shawn Saunders have been able to scam money from 100’s if not 1000’s, of innocent people online - ranging from rental scams, dog scams, to bank fraud. They pose as different alias to swindle in innocent citizens looking for a new puppy or a new home to send a deposit to “hold” them. There are no homes for rent or dogs for sale. They have even gone as far as stealing a registered breeder’s ID to persuade potential victims.

They started in Newfoundland, once realized they could no longer get away with it in such a small province, they moved Canada wide. Posting ads on Kijiji and other buy and sell websites. This has been an ongoing issue for years and it appears weekly more and more scams are coming to light.

Where is the police? How is this allowed to continue? 

Think of this - If you or I robbed a bank and was, there would be an arrest warrant out.

Why are Brittany and Shawn still able to sit in their homes in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, and use their computers and phones to take more and more hard earned money from innocent people all over Canada? 

I am calling upon the RCMP and RNC to PLEASE get this stopped. It is ILLEGAL, It is THEFT. It is FRAUD. And it’s 1000’s of accounts. These individuals should NOT be free to do this any longer! These victims NEED justice!