Allow phones during lunchtimes @ Redlands

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Redlands College is trying to ban phone use from students. Understandable, school is for learning and having phones in class distracts from that. However the school also wishes to ban phones during lunch breaks, and have them be kept in lockers at all time, only to be used if students are at their lockers. Parents are expected to go through the school to contact their children during the day. What if my mum just wants to know what I want for dinner? What if she's at the shops and wants to know what brand of cereal I want? Does the school really expect parents to go through the school to send children simple messages like that?? Allowing students to use their phones only under the constraints of being at their locker does NOT allow parents to adequately contact their children for things that are too minor to go through the school, but urgent enough that they cannot wait until after school.

Banning us from our personal devices during out free lunch times isn't going to turn us into better members of society. It's just going to create hassles. It's going to upset students, and nobody if going to follow it. If you expect students to follow the new rule banning phones, and expect their parents not to side with them when they get in trouble for not following it, you most certainly have another thing coming.

This new rule is ridiculous and must be amended. Formal complaints have and will continue to be be made to SRC members, and this petition will be presented to them as proof of the student's beliefs.