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RBS -clarify relationship re a current chief exec & Nat UK Crime Agency person of interest

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Royal Bank of Scotland...... we, members of the group known as the UK Taxpayer and therefore, via the 2008 UK Taxpayer bailout to the tune of circa £46 billion taken out of the UK economy for your benefit, the major stakeholder in your frequently seen to be dubious organisation....... demand that you address the following matter as detailed.

As a bona fide stakeholder in RBS, naturally I would have concerns regarding any potential or actual conflict of interest situation relating to any senior UK Taxpayer majority owned RBS Group executive, especially where there may be connection to person or persons connected to any form of criminality. 

Please RBS (in line with various but unfortunately ignored legitimate documented requests to RBS Chief Executive, Ross McEwan), officially clarify the position regarding any relationship status between a senior RBS executive (a chief executive no less, namely Gerry Mallon, an Ulster Bank chief executive) and an individual known to be one of a number of ‘persons of interest’ in connection to a National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation relating to serious financial irregularities (including the movement ‘for some reason’ of circa £7.5 million of ‘NAMA (National Asset Management Agency) related monies’ to an offshore account).

It is known that RBS Group subsidiary, Ulster Bank chief executive Mallon “know(s)” the NCA related ‘person of interest’ individual who 'moved' the circa £7.5 milliion “very well” and is known to have “probed” (discussed) things with him (ref: Hansard recorded re 15th January 2014 Oral Evidence Session relating to the Northern Ireland Banking Enquiry (re the operating practices of the banking sector in Northern Ireland) to the Northern Ireland Select Affairs Committee, House of Commons, London, SW1)........... thus, in consideration of previously noted serious RBS Group malpractices plus awareness of the relationship (whatever status that relationship may be) referred to, it is appropriate that this important matter is (despite any reluctance to date by Ross McEwan and the RBS organisation to do so in response to previous requests) is officially clarified by RBS to the long suffering UK Taxpayer whose monies it is that actually kept the frequently seen to be 'dubiously operating' RBS organisation in business. 

The activities of the NCA ‘person of interest’ relate to activities which a BBC Northern Ireland ‘Spotlight’ presenter (Mandy McAuley) referred to in a docu expose screened on 6th September 2016 in terms of (in relation to) “formidable reputation(s) in Northern Ireland business and banking circles”, Ms McAuley also referring to “effort embarked on a major cover up”.


On 6th September 2016 BBC Northern Ireland screened a 'Spotlight’ programme relating to ‘irregular’ NAMA (National Asset ‘Management’ (sic) Agency’) connected activities and corruption and relating to what were stated in the programme to, amongst other things “What made the content of these recordings even more shocking is REDACTED’s high level connections”  and  “One of them was prepared to pay REDACTED more than £5 million” (ref: BBC ‘Spotlight’ reporter Mandy McDowell),  “they are singing of the same song sheet should the NCA (National Crime Agency) arrive at the doorstep”  and  “It’s absolutely amazing, this is like dynamite, totally corrupt”  and  “He genuinely seems to believe that he can manipulate things to his own end” and “It is essentially....... it is another part of the process of seeking to cover his tracks, he is ensuring that REDACTED knows the score and that they are singing of the same song sheet should the NCA (National Crime Agency) arrive at the doorstep” (ref: Ian Fraser, highly respected financial journalist author of ‘Shredded: Inside RBS The Bank That Broke Britain’),  “this is so serious that if it is true....... an investigation must be carried out....... and explanation must be given” (ref: John McGuinness, TD, former Chair of the Irish Public Accounts Committee, current Chair of the Irish Finance Committee)  and  “No, and the answer to that is because nobody paid me and the facts are that, ah, why would anybody pay me ?”  and  “The thing they’re interested in, was I actually getting paid by you”  and  “I have to ‘work’ with people I like”  and  “You had it (?) in another place ?”  and  “I’m concerned about the police inquiry for me”  and  “They can finish off with potential prison” (REDACTED, a subject of the BBC ‘Spotlight’ programme in question captured on audio recording)  and  “There’s forty thousand in that” (ref: spoken by REDACTED when handing over “a bag of cash” in a Belfast car park to REDACTED). .......... and a lot more besides all of this (too much to detail here).



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