STOP RBKC! Hands off traumatised residents tenancies

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On behalf of my fellow residents this petition demands that the Scrutiny committee remove from its agenda of 24th July 2018 - Executive Decision Report (A8) - the recommendations in Section 2.1(i-v) that seeks to implement a policy that will force tenants to forfeit their tenancies, be moved from temporary accommodation with no assurance about how long they will have to wait for another home, or where they will be rehoused, and accept an increase in rent liability.

I am a local resident of 26 years. I attended the council meeting on 18th July where I and others were made aware of the impending decision to ratify the recommendation that ‘tenants of the Walkways, Treadgold House and Bramley House, currently residing in temporary accommodation, will be required to decide whether to return home or to relinquish their existing secure tenancy and remain in temporary accommodation pending rehousing to an alternative social housing tenancy through the Wider Grenfell Rehousing Policy. This report recommends that tenants are required to make this decision on or before Sunday 30 September 2018’, the implications of which will be catastrophic serving to further traumatise an already traumatised and vulnerable group of my fellow residents.


In light of the substantial failing of RBKC council, both prior to the Grenfell atrocity and subsequently, it is truly horrendous that it would consider taking such callous actions against the very people whom their ineptitude has had such detrimental consequences for. So much so that they can no longer face the prospect of returning to their once cherished homes.


RBKC council’s claim that they cannot sustain the current situation financially because tenants are not paying for their temporary accommodation once again represents their ideology of ‘profit before people’, the very same one that culminated in the Grenfell atrocity, it is also deliberately dishonest. At the 18th July council meeting the Labour group put forward a motion asking RBKC to:

1.reconsider  its  decision  not  to  procure  more  housing  units  to  rehouse  those  Grenfell Survivors who have not yet accepted permanent accommodation;

2. reconsider its decision not to procure any housing units for households from the wider  Grenfell  area  that  require  rehousing,  including  those  unable  to  continue living on the Lancaster West Estate;

3. if necessary, press central government to provide the resources to purchase the required additional housing units;

However, rather than agreeing to work in the best interests of the tenants, RBKC council cruelly amended said motion to excluded the aforementioned paragraphs, opting instead to penalise the tenants.   

This is an unfair process because

·         Letters to residents were only sent out on 17th July

·         Drop In sessions to discuss the implications that were to take place on the Lancaster west estate and at the Curve have still not been arranged

·         Holding the scrutiny committee meeting, on 24th July, only one day before the leadership meeting (25th July), which is responsible for finalising recommendations, makes a mockery of the commitment to engage with the community. It also fails to  have due regard to the Equality Act 2010 duties and to take into consideration the welfare of children affected by the Grenfell fire in accordance with the Children Act 2004.

·         The council’s stated aim that they may take action to end the tenancies of secure tenants who state that they "do not have an intention to return", is essentially a threat to evict traumatised people who cannot face returning to homes that are in close proximity to the tower, but also who do not want to face leaving their community,  is inhumane.

Important considerations:

1.    The number of households in temporary accommodation has increased since Grenfell from around 900 to 2,079, so there is no real possibility of residents being rehoused in the near future yet residents affected by Grenfell are being asked to pay for the costs of the lack of social housing in the borough;

2.    Residents are being asked to move into insecure temporary accommodation and give up the security of tenancies that they already waited years for;

3.    There are currently 77 households with a secure tenancy in the walkways, Treadgold House and Bramley House who were placed in self-contained accommodation procured from the private rented sector. There are 11 remaining secure tenants in emergency housing. A further 11 households are placed in self-contained temporary accommodation managed by Registered Providers, 40 households have already returned home.



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