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Raytown MO Mayor David Bower, Raytown MO Aldermen and MO Veterinarian Board: Consider Terminating Dr. Rose's Contract with Raytown Animal Control

Sunshine, a stray puppy, was taken by Raytown Animal Control to its holding facility on 8/5/2013. Upon following up, facility staff informed the person who initially called animal control that the dog would be "held for two weeks and would then be put down." After much conversation, the Raytown Animal Hospital agreed to keep the dog alive until 8/23/2013 providing time to find an adopter. The dog was NEVER listed on, the only photos are 1 of 2 shown on this petition. After 9 days in holding, the clinic finally did a skin scrap on 8/21/2013 which reflected demodectic mange (not contagious to people). On the evening of 8/21/2013, a call was made to Dr. Rose at the clinic letting him know a local rescue group would be picking the dog up on 8/22/2013. He indicated animal control would need to release the dog to Dr. Rose which did occur. He then openly admitted to not favoring those willing to "spend money and resources" on an animal such as Sunshine. On 8/22/2013, the rescue called to inform the clinic that we were on our way to pick her up. We were at that time informed by Dr. Rose that he put her down that morning because she “broke with parvo”. The incubation period for parvo is up to 14 days,  she was there for a total of 17 days which allows one to believe that she contracted the virus in this facility IF she truly even had parvo.  Regardless if she had parvo or not, the rescue was willing and able to treat the virus but was never given the option before she was killed. Question-how many other animals and people’s beloved pets have been brought in and killed that no one is aware of?


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