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Laws needed to ensure pupils have sunscreen reapplied when at school

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How amazing would it feel to know that you could save someone’s life? Or maybe save hundreds of lives? By signing this petition, you can!

Every day five Australians lose their battle against melanoma; that’s one person every 5 hours! And every day, over 2,100 new skin cancer cases are diagnosed. 

What if I told you 95% of these cases are PREVENTABLE! 

Sunburn in childhood is one of the major contributing factors; yet every day children are being placed at risk simply by going to school. 

At present, there is no formal sun safety education in Australian schools nor is there any requirement for teachers to ensure students reapply sunscreen during the day. As a result many children are going on lunch break or for afternoon sports with no sun protection! 

For me, this is unacceptable and something has to change! That is why I started the RAYS campaign. I am a concerned mother who needs help in getting some basic changes to the Australian law that will safeguard our children when they are at school.

By signing this petition you are joining me in calling for the Australian government to:

   1. Introduce compulsory sun safety education into the curriculum. With focus on the science of the sun (it’s formation/composition, difference between UVA and UVB rays), how it causes damage to the skin, the importance of sun safety, how to identify a cancerous mole and for students in the junior years a practical demonstration of how to apply their own sunscreen effectively.

  2.  Introduce a mandatory requirement for teachers to ensure that students reapply sunscreen during the day (for example before lunch break, participating in sports activities and/or after swimming). It would be sufficient for teachers to simply remind students to reapply sunscreen and to direct them to a sunscreen station within the classroom. 

3. Legislate so that basic sun safety measures are compulsory in all schools. This should include a requirement for students to wear hats whenever outdoors, the provision of adequate shaded areas, sunscreen to be made available to students and application to be mandatory at least once during the day, and where possible outdoor activities to be kept to a minimum during peak UV times.

Many parents are assuming that these things are happening or that their child is sun smart enough to reapply sunscreen. Sadly, they’re not! That is why skin cancer is killing more young Australians than any other cancer. It is also why melanoma rates are set to increase 35% from 2016 to 2019; if this incidence rate continues, by 2022 one Australian will die every 2 hours from this largely preventable disease! 

By adopting these small changes we can tackle the occurrence of skin cancer and hopefully save many lives! 

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