Start a Study Hall at OHS

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A recent decision has been made at OHS. Students are required to have subs when their teacher is absent. This is a bad decision not only because it wastes more money, but it also doesn’t help the students out. Subs almost never know the subject that they’re covering, so they can’t help the students with their work. So what would be a better option? Having a study hall. If teachers are absent, students can go to the study hall and do their work. It will also solve the problem with lack of space. There can be helpers and assistants to help students out. We can also start having tutoring sessions if possible. I care a lot about this because I feel that the school doesn’t have a space where students can go and work freely. Having a study hall will be beneficial to students, teachers, and administrators at the school. I can see a lot of positivity coming out of this.