Changes to the CAPSO system

Changes to the CAPSO system

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Amelia Asura started this petition to Rayark Inc. and

We have come across many players who at first were extremely excited about the CAPSO system, but when it came out, they were either underwhelmed by it, or have not bought it at all.

That's why we, with the help of fellow community members, have came up with a number of changes that would make everybody's CAPSO experience better and encourage the people who haven't bought it to do so (at full price of course), while at the same time not requiring a lot of work on Rayark's part to implement. 

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  • In the character select menu, the new presentation makes many people upset. While the system where you slide upwards to change the character skin is quite frankly ingenious and really satisfying, the black overlay as well as the name of the currently used skin appearing on the character box are not. [IMAGE 1] The skin names are completely unnecessary, as the skins really speak for themselves, and the black overlay is only there to increase the visibility of the name. Coupled together, it ruins the presentation of the menu, and makes the beautiful skins 30% less visible for no good reason. The ideal solution would be to remove the name+overlay altogether, or at least add an option in the settings to make it possible. [IMAGE 2] That simple thing alone would make many CAPSO owners really happy.
  • Every default sprite should have a vivid form, as well as a "Starlight" form. This will increase the amount of CAPSO rewards, and will be great for people who value consistency (having some sprites in a different style than the rest really bothers some people)
  • Every character should have at least 1 "special" skin. We really don't know what's stopping the developers from adding more of these, especially since they are the main thing people purchase CAPSO for. If it's a lack of ideas, we will include a list of character skins that the community has come up with, and would love to see added. If it's a problem of not having enough artists, then we are sure that many talented artists who love C2 would love to draw them for you. 


(will be updated regularly)


  • The songs themselves are great. People who play C2 exclusively get to experience some of the best songs C1 has to offer, and C1 players get to enjoy their favorite songs in an updated format. The only thing that could be improved are the song cover art. For now, some of them are very inconsistent with C2's theme and aesthetic. Slight edits that connect them to the story or having C2 characters in place of the original characters would make the songs seem more than just C1 songs ported over into C2. [IMAGE 3]

Tap SFX:

  • There is really only one, rather small issue here; the "Keyboard" tap effect seems slightly delayed. Cutting a couple of milliseconds from the beginning of the sound file should be more than enough to solve this.

The Letters:

  • The amount of letters should at least be determined by the performance and the difficulty played. Getting 1 letter from MMing a chaos 15 chart for the first time can be quite irritating. The system should be made less random, by perhaps adding a rule like "you can only get 2+ letters if you MM a song on CHAOS diffiulty, unless the particular chart gets replayed more than x times". That way there would be an incentive for players to perform good, and play different charts (instead of just grinding the same song).


  • The Tutorial button - Since this button has most likely never been pressed by anyone more than once, maybe it would be possible to change it to some quality-of-life improvement. For example, a shortcut to the CAPSO machine. [IMAGE 4]

We really want to love CAPSO, and it has the potential to be an absolutely great addition to the game, as well as a must-have for every player. Thank you very much for reading, and we hope to see these changes implemented in the future :) 

-Sincerely, C2A Moderators on behalf of the Cytus 2 community

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