Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid should be recognised for his contribution to humanity.

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Khalsa Aid is  a charitable organistion who haven't ever fallen short of reaching out to all corners of the world wherever they see people suffering or in need. A few examples would the humanitarian aid provided in Bosnia,Iraq and Syria, more locally Khalsa Aid have responded to UK citizens effected by severe flooding More recently they have distributed food to stranded lorry drivers at Dover after the recent covid border closures.

Khalsa Aid's recent relief efforts supporting Indian farmers who are demonstrating against draconian laws which stand to strip thousands of farming families  of their livelihoods has resulted in false and baseless accusations of links to terrorism. This is a cheap stunt pulled by the Indian goverment to try to discredit Ravi and his team.

Ravi and his team of unpaid volunteers  relentless and selfless work should be given an accolade for their services to humanity.

Sikhism teaches the importance of being charitable and helping those less fortunate or facing hardship.

We need more people like Ravi in this world and to support Khalsa Aid in anyway we can so that thet can continue extending their helping hands across this land and beyond.

I trust you will support this effort, together we can make a difference

Yours Sincerly

Riz Sayed