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Stop Mental Harassment at Work Place and Work Place Bullying

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Employees in Private sector organization are targets of their seniors. They tend to harass mentally by humiliating, shouting their subordinates which is by far reaching means not an acceptable behaviour by the underlying code of conduct of the organization. Yet, they do it for the wide powers conferred on them to manage. Even when the complaint is being adressed to HR they try to over power and twist facts in order to put the subordinate helpless and  HR is used as a rubber stamp to terminate the person making the complaint. 

Employees commit suicides, people die due to harassment and the harassment get shield in the wake of suicide because there is no one who can take up the action. It impacts mental health and leads to disabilities and individuals gets diseased. 

Victim are also threatened, if you speak up you will end up killing your career as the Organization, more particularly HR dept will give negative cross reference to prospective employers. Due to this fear, people are reluctant to address the issue and silently suffer it inside. 

The concept of cross reference should be scrapped to protect the national intrest of the employees. 

Since whatever may have been the senario a terminated emoloyee is like rape victim, no one understands the situation and victim becomes stigmatized in the corporate world due to cross references.

Mental harassment cases are not even looked by HR Dept even in making written or verbal complaint and to save superiors they issue the pink slip to the victim.

Fundamental issue arises when a man raises harassment complaint. Nobody believes him because of the Patrirchal thinking "Mard ko dard nahi hota" eulogizes and patronizes emotional castration of boys from a very young age which teaches them to tolerate abuse and feel glorified about making sacrifices. Owing to this social conditioning majority of victimized men wear a plastic smile and hide their scars and suffer silently in solitude.

I can eaneatly request to establish a commission of such harassment cases and be a guardian at those times when they do not have any option either to surrender before the organization or suffer in solitide, both have equally serious ramifications on ones mental and physical health individuals.


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