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Ph.D. students of IIT Jodhpur under Visvesvaraya scheme are not getting stipend at all.

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I have tried all possible ways and now tired of the slow and inefficient system of my own Country. I am really hopeful that this may help me.

My name is Kumar Rahul, and I am a Ph.D. student at IIT Jodhpur. I am working here since 29 December 2014 with the department of electrical engineering in Image Processing area. I joined Ph.D. under Visveswaraya Ph.D. scheme, which is under the ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and managed by it's unit called Media Lab Asia.

Till now, I have always tried to give my best to the assigned work. I obtained a CGPA of 9.22, which is indeed very difficult to get in an institute of this stature. I have two research work are under review by the well-recognized publisher. My guide is happy with me, and even I am also serving the students as their representative.

The one problem which I am facing here since my admission is the stipend distribution from the Ministry and as well as its unit Media Lab Asia. Every single month it is uncertain that when we are going to get our stipend. We all have to talk to the nodal heads or officials to know the status of our stipend. I tried to query many times regarding the delay in the disbursement of money to our institute from Media
Lab Asia officials as well as the Ministry but they never gave any satisfactory reply. This financial crisis on every single month does also affect our research.

I left my job as an assistant professor to work as a full-time Ph.D. scholar, 2000 Kilometer far from my home. I am 29, married, and my family depends on me. I feel really ashamed when I have to borrow money from my friends to deposit my sister 's semester fee, buy monthly groceries, for my mother 's medicines, paying my semester fee,  etc. etc.. I have heard our respected Prime Minister saying loud out from new york stadium and many other places regarding brain drain of Indian youth and increasing opportunities for youth in India.

We also work hard like any other minister, bureaucrats, or officials to make our nation proud at world stage but we don't know from which friend we will ask money next time when we are not getting our stipend. 

This is a high time when you should understand why there is a brain drain in our country. You have to understand that our generation is looking at you and expect some outcome. We are also working for the nation and there can be no excuse to get late payments every single month.

Currently, we got payment till September 2017 and I have no clue when we will be getting our next stipend. I expect a fruitful acknowledgment fr om you regarding this

Although, I have one solution for the same that if you can instruct the institution (IIT Jodhpur or others) to pay the stipend as a credit so that, whenever the fund reaches to the institution, they can redeem the same. It can at least ensure our monthly stipend on time.  I am hopeful for an acknowledgment from you all.

Thank you,

Kumar Rahul

Ph.D. Scholar IIT Johdpur

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